Staircase and Joinery Manufacturers since 1972
Bespoke Joinery

We have worked with some of our countries biggest and prestigious house builders.  We recognise that quality homes at the right price is what home buyers are looking for.


Building homes cheaply and as quick as possible is not always the way to create wealth for developers and can create a reputation for poor quality that could impact on sales.  We endeavor to play our part by working closely with our customers without compromising on service and quality to produce a product that is well made and can stand the test of time..


We have built our reputation by not only producing a quality product but a service that is second to none.   Assuring customers of maintaining completion targets and by meeting deadlines for deliveries with a product that’s ‘right first time’.  We understand how important it is to keep sites moving.


All our work can be pre-assembled prior to delivery and we can supply covers to protect the treads during construction.  We can fully assemble staircases if required, assuming there is suitable access to your development and offer a second delivery service for finishing components, so they wont require storage on site and reducing the risk of them possibly being damaged or lost.


Years of experience working in this market has helped us develop our product and service.  Simplifying and reducing the number of operations carried out by your installers, speeding up the process on site and reducing your labour costs.  Thereby accelerating completion timetables whilst still maintaining that high level of finish you should expect.


We are happy to work closely with you, offering a product and a personal service that suits your needs and that compliments your developments.